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Making More from Sheep

Do you graze young cereal crops?


If so, please participate in a short (2 - 3 minute) survey.

Grazing young cereal crops is currently being practiced successfully by some sheep producers across Australia. For this to expand, failsafe grazing strategies are required. We would like your help is establishing these.

The link below will take you to a short survey (2-3 minutes) that will provide information we need on the health of sheep grazing young cereal crops. The questions address the concerns expressed by some producers. Solutions are being developed as part of a project funded by AWI and MLA and managed by Murdoch University.

The cut-off date for completion of this survey is November 7

For further information or assistance please contact

Dr David G. Masters

Livestock Systems Scientist

Ph:      08 92933744

Fax:    08 92933756

Mob: 0417923727